In 2018 during the summer as I was working at my therapy practice I realized young women and teens needed now more than ever support with their emotional growth. It became clear to me that the emotional needs and confusion in the world led to lack of self confidence. I was not quite sure how at this point I would be part of the solution to build strong women, but I vowed this would be my goal. 

Shortly after this I began to read everything about starting a business online and what it would be like to become a presence in this world. I started off with an Instagram account and posted encouraging quotes that would be uplifting and thought provoking. Ultimately I wanted to share my knowledge and professional experience for others with the hope to inspire and keep brilliant at all times. 

My idea for “Keep Brilliant” came from a young lady I supervised who at 24 was starting her doctorate degree. She was so vibrant and full of life you wanted to absorb her energy and passion for life. Her presence gave you confidence and the feeling to mirror her and KEEP BRILLIANT! 

Keep Brilliant is a strong supporter of victims of Domestic Violence and the community. We believe in living in a safe environment free of worry. We support equality in all its forms.

We celebrate the heart with love and compassion. We strive to embrace purple to stand against Domestic Violence. Together we will make our women stand strong and be independent. 

Our goal is to have products developed by women only! Lift the women up in your life and KEEP BRILLIANT. 

Join us as we grow and experience change together.
Dare to dream. Dare to live.